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King Me! IGE buys out numerous VG "Axed" Affiliated Fansites

First let me just say, I'm not trying to be an anchor man. There are plenty of other blogs and sites that do a great job of focusing on dishing out the news, but I will comment on newsworthy topics from time to time. And you can also expect more game design ramblings, including game reviews and other shit later down the road as well.

This blog is a medium where I can ramble about anything I well fuckin please, since I wasn't deemed worthy enough to be a writer for one of the "other sites." Yea, that's right Anyuzer, the afk wanker of not taking the time to do a 5 minute update. All right, enough of the yada-yada-yada.

Want to make a quick buck and be paid to run a fansite gig on top of that? Better start working on those Tabula Rasa fansites while you can, and I'm dead serious. Looks like Jonathan Yantis & his IGE cronies are spreading even more love around. Recently the admin of Age of Vanguard posted a letter of what the opening icebreaker is like when you are approached with a "fansite-deal," no less by what some consider to be the genre's axis-of-evil.

Hello there, -

I am interested in purchasing your site for a LARGE sum of money. IGE has put aside four million dollars this year to purchase websites to build up our content network.

I saw and I think it could be a great edition. We could even work out a deal where we pay for the site and then give you a job running the site the way you do now. So nothing changes, you get to keep doing what you do now and make a ton of money doing it (or if you are tired of running it we can work something out on that front as well).

Also, do not worry about us plastering it with IGE ads because we treat this as a different business. We have several deals with publishers to be announced in the next few months so we would be putting up banners for them to promote their games across our network.

Please contact me and lets do some business.

Best Regards,
Jonathan O. Yantis
Chief Strategic Officer

Carnegie Hall Tower
25th Floor
152 W. 57th St.
New York, NY 10019

Phone: (646) 202-0770
ICQ: 20292915
AIM: jonyantis

Holy shit, 4 million dollars for buying out different websites. Man, I could gather a small development team, lock ourselves up in a dark cave and make sweet sweet mmorpg love with that kind of cash. Think of what the developers that made Puzzle Pirates could of done with that extra budget. What a fuckin waste of money, I'm not sure how much cash Yantis & crew are offering these fansites, but I'm sure with those numbers, it's fairly decent. And yea, if you were wondering, that is his actual personal info for anyone that may want to give him a hearty hello or a FOAD! The two sites in question that have sold out are Age of Vanguard and the Okratas network. And honestly, I'll save you the links, nothing really worth checking out.

Okratas fuckin cracks me up most of all considering the admin (Garthilk) recently conducted an interview with Steve Sayler the President of IGE, which was fuckin plastered all over the internet including slashdot, because Garthilk asked "controversial" questions, like the infamous retarded monopology cheat analogy. The same goes for the admin at Age of Vanguard after they got the above letter, they went around on the VG forums, no matter what, we will never sell out speech, blah-blah. *snore*

Talk is cheap mother fuckers, once the offers are laid out on the table, it's the one doing the talking, now look at you! It's all fair game in love and war. Honestly, I don't give a fuck if these fansites sold out, I find it fuckin hillarious and hypocritical when someone goes out of their way, runs around all over different websites, posting why they are against IGE and all that they stand for, making IGE standout like they are the Anti-Christ and they are the holy warriors. And than, what do you know, not even a week later, fuckin sell out like a two dollar whore. Classic.

According to Cindy Bowens there are other affiliated sites Sigil is waiting to hear back from. I'm sure a few more will get swallowed up and in return 10 more shitty fansites will pop up, hoping they get bought or in the very least beta, when they should be thinking about future mmorpgs if they really want to make that dirty buck. Honestly, if I wasn't such a lazy son of a bitch, I would consider doing it, of course if it wasn't bought than I would look like a bigger jack ass than I do. And I would only want to rip off IGE, the same shit they do to pretty much every mmorpg developer out there.

Sigil has a lot of fansites as is, I really don't follow them, maybe a few of them on a bi-weekly basis and that's only for a quick browse or if something piqued my interest that is linked off the official forums. All these fansites piss me the fuck off because the game is still in alpha mega 0.5132 or some shit.

This is one reason why I really don't like fansites, biased mediums that are mainly ran by people that only care about scoring the phat lewtz (beta) and level their way up the ass-licking treadmill. Most fansite operators can't have a real opinion, if they see a flaw in the game, they view it as being negative and god forbid if they post what really is on their mind. Or even if they are posting about something good, they hype it up like it's the best thing since they touched their first boob. That is what really pisses me the fuck off about these fansites. WHO IS THE FUCKIN PR WHORE-MOUTHPIECE NOW BITCHES. Ah, I feel better. I needed to get that out of my system. Let me add, I am an ex-smoker and ranting is a good way to keep me from dying before I'm 30.

This is what Cindy Bowens, the official community manager for Sigil Games had to say in a post late this evening on their forums:

Hello all-

I unfortunately have some very sad news to announce. For the past two years, we have worked with you in building this community. One aspect of that was to develop a network of Vanguard Affiliated Fan Sites. The idea was to get to know the administrators of those sites now, before we launched Vanguard.

We have worked with the sites closely, and have gotten to know many of the operators very well, becoming good friends. I know I have enjoyed every minute in working with them, and believe it was worth the effort.

However, during the course of this week some things have changed. Over the past few days, many (if not all) of our Affiliates received offers to buy their sites from a third party that Sigil has no interest in dealing with. The offers, however, were quite high and some owners felt (understandably) that they could simply not refuse them.

One owner who was kind enough to let me use this quote, tearfully said to me over the phone: “I am sorry I am breaking my word to you. But I have a house with a leaky roof, a 15 year old car and I am trying to get through school. I had no choice.”

We can’t condemn anyone in a position like that and it saddens us to know that several of you were put into situations where you had to make that choice to begin with. We have sent e-mails to all of the affiliated sites – so far, two have decided to sell and three have not. The rest have yet to respond.

So while we await their response, here is ours:

The sites who have not sold are still listed as Affiliates. The sites that have not yet responded to us have been moved down to the “other sites” section where they will stay until we hear back.

The sites that have chosen to sell will be listed under Other Sites. They will no longer receive the benefits we offer only to Affiliates. We will continue only to affiliate with sites that adhere to our guidelines.In this case, specifically only those not associated with secondary item and currency sales.

Folks, we’re sorry more than you all can imagine that we have lost these sites. But we still believe in building a strong community that is owned by the community – not by us, or any other company. And rest assured, we will continue to do all we can to make sure that remains the case.

Anyway, I wouldn't feel bad if that was me selling out, alas, if I didn't talk mad shit about IGE, including conducting an interview with the damn President of IGE, trying to make him look like the Hitler of Virtual Worlds. It's not like Sigil is going to pay for your fuckin bills or these same people will still be running those fansites for free in another 10 years. And technically, it is a legit transaction, albeit, funded by dirty money.

The way Cindy comes across as being honorable and keeping the oath is a total crock of shit in my eyes. Who cares about being an affiliated site? No one will remember this shit in 3 months, it will be old news, just like that dirty whore Thottbot. Seriously, affiliated sites get more exclusive information and developer cock, wooptie-do. I would rather do something I enjoy (in this case, running a fansite) and make a living doing that, how's that for exclusive? I'll be watching Sigil's stance on IGE a lot more when E3 rolls around and see if they give exclusive screenshots or interviews to more corporate mediums like PC Gamer tha support IGE with advertisements. Heh, that would be something, Sigil could be the biggest sell outs in their own right and the biggest hyprocrits out of this whole IGE PR-Blitz!

Before I end for the night, I was able to ask Mr. Yantis a few questions over aim before he ran off to his castle of automons and monopoly money.

Pitfalls: Why doesn't IGE develop their own mmorpg? You have the funds, the userbase, and you could hire an army of developers fairly cheaper in Asia than what it would cost in the states.

JonYantis: We don't want to compete with publishers but instead work with them. So if we created our own MMORPG it would be competing.

(The Real Answer: We have no balls and I need a testicular transplant, we are blood sucking money mongering sons of bitches and will only rob developers and blackmail them into working with us).

Pitfalls: With all the buzz going around about the buy-outs, I was wondering if you have thought or even offered purchasing website.

JonYantis: We don't buy guild sites. FoH is an interesting read though. I know the guy who owns the domain (good guy by the way,I met him and real life and have spent many hours on the phone talking to him). Its not really his to sell. It is owned by lots of players (in their mindes) etc so its kind of unethical to buy it from under the guild so I don't even try.

(The real answer: Fuck yea, you think they gave me the title of Chief Strategy Officer for nothing. I'm king of the world!)

I recently posted on FoH asking if IGE had asked to buy their forums out. And what do you know, I didn't get a response, not surprised. Without a doubt, IGE is definitely becoming a commodity and trying to expand their actual legitimate business practices. I can't believe I'm saying they actually have legitimate business practices. It's going to be a loooooooong yeeeear, it seems IGE is getting more free advertisement than WoW and EQ2 combined these last few months.



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hi I have a friend that worked for IGE. I heard this is true.

Can I get a copy of Yantis' email?

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