Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Ultimate Cockblock: Nostalgic Days of 1 year Blizzard patches.

Well, what do you know, another fairly thorough Everquest 2 patch came out today. Is Smedley delivering on his promises? Nah, I would say that it looks like the EQ2 team is scrambling to get the game up to 3rd phase of beta and keep what customers they can from fleeing. This is only a good thing for them, but I am still bitter. You would be too, if you invested over 300 days played into Everquest alone.

If EQ2 does beat WoW in anything, it would definitely have to be in the patch department. There have been tons of patches that have come out for EQ2 in the last two months that have added, fixed, and even nerfed a lot of content. Granted, WoW is far more polished than EQ2, there is a lot of shit Blizzard could of fixed by now that really is inexcusable. And I'm not talking about those twice a week stealth changes er nerfs and than including them in the notes of the localization patch a month later to make yourself look like your doing something. Lets not forget that SOE has an actual PUBLIC beta test server that they almost patch on a daily basis, where as Blizzard uses, oh yea, that's right, they don't have one right now. Taking bets on how fucked up battlegrounds will be with their awesome QA! Come on now, put aside the polish here guys, battlegrounds is a whole different beast. It's like a whole fuckin game of its own, it's a huge undertaking and it's only obvious there will be problems.

Lets be honest, WoW is fucking up. I'm not surprised, I saw this same bull shit ever since first-phase alpha. Hell, we all saw this shit back in the glory days of Bill Roper and Diablo 2 and now it's deja-vu all over again. Instead of pushing themselves and setting smaller goals towards bi-weekly patches, Blizzard favors the bi-monthly route. I don't understand their logic really, why they would even have a developer that worked on a bit-torrent method of patching distribution that only encourages their playerbase to break the WoW eula because it's that fucked up. They are making millions of dollars in profit, and they actually have cross development on a mmorpg for another platform (Mac), but yet, Blizzard still can't manage to get some simple patches rolling out like the EQ2 team. Even Everquest-live had far better patching than WoW. And at least they were more communicative when patches would be delayed and with the overall scheduling. I miss the days of bitching about the patch, there was more things to bitch about, but now it's just straight up bitching about not having a patch! We have come a long way my friends.

My theory is:

They are busy with other shit like;

A. Counting their money.

B. Working on an Expansion so they can count even more money before the masses get bored.

C. There actually working on something else and rushing to get it implemented. (Battlegrounds)

D. Have newbie senior programmers that are scared and really have no idea what they are doing.

E. All of the above.

If you are thinking E, than I would think you're right. I'm sure it's a combination of all those things. I don't know if this will hurt them or not, because really when you think about it, those pussies that go around and say, "fuck you Blizzard, I'm cancelling my account and WoW is DOOMED!" These asshats were never really going to buy the game in the first place. Most of thsoe players are potential subs that had a low chance of staying subscribed to the game for more than 3 months anyway. Everyone and their grandma is buying WoW, the churn-over rate will definitely be high the first year. Where else are they going to go? Back to the SOE and NCsoft motherland of Utopia? It's not like there is a whole lot of other "mainstream" options out there that are even worth playing right now, especially if you have all ready fuckin played most of them.

If I could, I would switch the programmers, but leave everyone else. Imagine if WoW was getting the same amount of patches EQ2 is pushing out, they would really be tearing EQ2 a new hole. As FuckYou said on the FoH forums, "history is definitely made," the countdown for the second coming of Christ can be found here. The Wowzer is ticking Blizzard and you can't spin the bull shit nerfs as actual meaningful content changes.



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